Agency + Production

B-Visuals and Nicolai Brix are one and the same. And much, much more. B-Visuals' goal is to encompass all aspects of story telling. A story that can be created for one or more platforms. Coworking and crowsourcing are the pillars of B-Visuals and help us complete the task at hand and create the full story, making use of what we like to call "Story World". Creating story and value for you, ensuring that you will be seen and heard.

B-Visuals has a wide range of customers. From major international companies like Canon, BMW, Discovery, DR and Maersk, to the small startup companies that have an idea, a vision, something they want the world to see and hear about. To us, it is mainly about people with passion and these people are part of all kinds of companies, large and small.

Nicolai is driven by a desire to create a story and therefore it is not always the size of the budget or the name of the company that is the decisive factor, when we choose a project.



In 2017, Nicolai Brix became Ambassador to Canon Europe. Canon, one of the world's leading brands in video, camera and print, supports Nicolai in his work in creating visual stories. The collaboration also consists of testing new products and Nicolai's focus is on testing video equipment for the most part.

Nicolai travels the world and does lectures and masterclasses for Canon, focusing on developing participants' ability to tell different stories and what it's like working with this type of visual media. In addition, Nicolai has held a number of masterclasses for companies such as CNN, NBC, BBC, DR, TV2, NRK and Apple. The focus of these masterclasses have been on training employees, making them able to tell just the right story. In addition to this,

Nicolai participates in film festivals and conferences, such as Keynote Speaker.

Behind the scenes

It is all about proper planning and hard work when stories are to be told. Let us take you behind the scenes in this video and show you how B-Visuals work. This video is from the film we produced for Canon when they launched their new fullframe mirrorless system camera EOS R.

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