Tasso - An iron foundry

Tasso is a traditional cast iron foundry located centrally, but at the same time hidden, in the center of Odense. They have been casting iron since 1856, since Denmark was a military super power, bordering Hamburg. Even HC. Andersen was alive to visit Tasso, when frequenting his place of birth. A unique aspect of Tasso's production method is that even though iron casting is generally a very polluting process, Tasso is one of the world's cleanest iron foundries and complies with all environmental regulations and does everything in its power to affect the environment, in terms of both particle and noise pollution, as little as possible.


B-Visual was tasked with telling the unique story about an industrial workplace located in the center of Odense, together with only a handful of other industries. Tasso does not view other iron foundries as their main competitors. According to them, their biggest challenge is accomodating to their surroundings in the center of a city that is developing rapidly. The task was to tell the unique story of a company that provides jobs for a lot of unskilled workers, while maintaining a role as collaborators with the municipality in this regard, as positions for unskilled labour are few and far apart in Odense. This is an ongoing task, that will be ongoing for the next couple of years, with focus on both still images and video