Svendborg Gymnasium

Svendborg Gymnasium is a High School located in Svendborg, Denmark. The every year when young people finishing primary school they have to choose their future pass in the educational system. Svendborg Gymnasium is the “Classic” Path where you can specialize in Language or Mathematics. But the school is much more than that


How do you reach young people in the age of 15-17 year with a message about future eduction in a fast paced online world? The choice for this campaign was the cinema. All statistics about peoples behavior is that they see the commercials that is shown before films in the Cinema. When do you have 30 sec. of pure attention from a target group that are known for being extreme aware about when content is advertising and often choose to opt out before the key message in the commercial has been shown? The commercial is running the last 3 month before the application deadline.


Svendborg Gymnasium - ModiDesign


The Concept

It’s about finding focus! That was the concept of the story. Young people finding the future in the age where they form as young adults. A Concept board aka storyboard is always good way to present a story for a client and something B-Visuals always use.


Post production.

One thing is the production where the material is recorded an other thing is the post production. This is where the film is made and it’s here the important process start with feedback and cooperation between the client and B-Visual. We have set a workflow up so the process is agile for both the client and B-Visual. The result is a story that make a difference.