Your product?

As an Canon Ambassador I get the chance to play with the new gear. Here it’s the brand new lens RF 28-70mm f/2L USM lens. The lens not even for sale yet. CGI or 3D animation is the normal way to make presentations for products like this. The only challenge is it extreme expensive. This is not 3D animation, but made all in camera with timelapse - using 6 axis. We can produce product presentations fast and to a fraction of a 3D Animated movie. in the same time it’s faster. It gives you more flexibility in the launch process. if you want to hear more get in contact with us and let see what we can do together.

See how it’s made

What is 6 axis timelapse? Basically we play with these axis: Dolly, Jib, pan, tilt, focus and Turn. It’s very complex and everything is setup and controlled by a app where every movement on every axis is recorded frame by frame.

Don’t belive it?

See a short video here.