How do you tell your stories?



It is B-Visuals' mission to tell the good story. Using just the right tools on the proper platforms in an effort to give you, your customers and visitors a unique experience.

A good story can be much more than a video, a picture or a captivating text. A good story can be a mix of several items and it must reach the target audience at the right place and time.

The goal of B-Visuals is to make the recipient of the story react. Whether his/her reaction is to click on a target, read more, buy your product or put simply - to be touched by your story.


It’s not about what you make, but what story you have !



A good story doesn't emerge by itself. It takes hard work for it to stand out and reach the right recipient. To tell a story requires doing the work and the research.

At B-Visuals we believe that it's possible to create the good story, even if the subject is completely new to us. We work with proven techniques that allow your story to develop and to make a difference.



The process starts with a research phase. Without thorough research there's no story. It's not always the obvious story that conveys your message best. It's in this stage' that we meet, several times if it's deemed necessary, and together we strive to get insight into how we go about developing the story and the what the story is supposed to convey. During this proces we will ask you lots of questions regarding the "product" itself, but also regarding the ((rainbow)) the ((actions)) and the thoughts behind it. This research phase is the core of the entire process.



At B-Visuals we work a lot with "Design Thinking" - a concept designed to control creative processes which Ideation is a part of. During this proces, various stories are tested.

This is done through brainstorming, prototype stories, the best and the worst idea and other similar tools.


The heart - Story world.

"The Heart" is the core of the story. That's where the final story is grounded - Your "Story World". A good story consists of many stories, all of which are created here.

When we have located the "Hearts" and the "Story World", the practical part starts - The production of your story.


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